Bulletin of Political Economy

ISSN : 0973-5747

2 issues per year

Journal Information

The Bulletin of Political Economy welcomes contributions in all areas of economics and aims to stimulate debates on alternative approaches, especially in the fields of value and distribution, and on growth theories. We actively seek articles concerned with macroeconomic, monetary and microeconomic issues, structural change and the history of economic thought. Articles that subject to empirical testing new theoretical developments or alternative theoretical approaches, with the use of algebraic, input-output, statistical and econometric techniques, are particularly welcomed. Short papers and Notes and Comments on articles published in the Bulletin of Political Economy, are encouraged. All contributions go through a refereeing process to determine their suitability for publication .

The Bulletin of Political Economy is published twice a year by SERIALS PUBLICATIONS;

All submissions for publication should be sent electronically as a Word file to the address:


bpe@uom.gr or enricosergio.levrero@uniroma3.it