Industry Outputs Arising from the Implementation of the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy 2013-2016 for the Greek Economy


The aim of this paper is to estimate the output vector of the Greek economy for the year 2015 based on the implementation of the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy 2013-2016, and to make a comparative presentation of the output vectors for the years 2010 and 2015. The 2015 output vector is estimated using two different estimating methods, the first based on the Symmetric Input-Output Table (SIOT) and the second on the Supply and Use Table (SUT). The results show an increase in output of most industries and changes in the composition of sectoral outputs of the Greek economy. However, the available empirical evidence is in stark contrast to these estimates.

Volume :- No.9 (2015)

Issue No :- 2 (2015)

Pages :- 145-159

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