On the Hijacking of the Intellectual and Archival Legacy of Piero Sraffa: A Comment on Ajit Sinha (2016)—A Revolution in Economic Theory: The Economics of Piero Sraffa


Ajit Sinha’s (2016) book purporting to be a thorough analysis of the intellectual and archival legacy of Piero Sraffa is subjected to the rigors of scholarly scrutiny where it is demonstrated that serious and egregious errors abound in terms of basic standards of archival scholarship. Also contained in the book are highly questionable interpretations and conclusions of Sraffa’s economic theory. The basic thrust of the article is that the reader of Sinha (2016) should at all times proceed with caution and be wary of the unsuspecting pitfalls and often disingenuous trappings of the book.

Volume :- No.12 (2018)

Issue No :- 1 (2018)

Pages :- 3-34

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