Research: Facts, Science, and Theory


The paper explains the concepts and nature of theory, science, facts and types of facts. Features of different types of facts and their importance are described briefly in order to elaborately explain their role and functions in scientific research. The paper highlights the process of transformation of common into scientific facts. Theory is postulated to furnish the framework of scientific research. Research by its very nature focuses on relating one fact with one or more facts in a causal relationship. This necessitates accession and exploration of facts which are the subject matter of study. The forging of causal relations between facts involves examination and analysis to focus on the detection of systematic patterns of changes in values and their relationship. The results of analysis need explanation of inter-relations between facts. Scientific theory emerges from the pivotal relations between facts, which are bound together in a causal relation. This paper extends this paradigm of research in natural and physical sciences to encompass social science research in its domain; it postulates that social sciences also endeavor to forge causal relations between social facts through research. Therefore, theories of social sciences also involve the formulation of concepts/constructs, and the adoption of specific assumptions which underlie these theories. The formulation of hypotheses, their testing, verification and validation are postulated as the basic functions of scientific social science research.

Volume :- No.10 (2016)

Issue No :- 1 (2016)

Pages :- 57-97

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